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Tomar Racing Clutch DT44

Tomar Racing Clutch DT44

Available in 4-disc configurations for 1" crankshafts, Tomar™ TD44 Clutches can hold up to 60 horsepower and are designed for Animal, Modified, Clone, Stock, Flathead and Jackshaft applications, as well as for Jr. Dragsters,Mini-Cups and Mini Bikes. The clutches use Thermal Dissipation (TD) technology, allowing them to run cooler at higher stall speeds that would typically damage other inferior clutches. This patented technology ensures that friction surfaces are isolated to the disc and rotor, thereby eliminating warping and resulting in fade-free performance. Tomar™ TD44 Clutches are designed with 13 to 25 teeth in the clutch assembly. They are perfect for ovals and road courses on dirt and asphalt.

Tuck & Run Drive Sprockets available: 11 Hard Coated, 12 - 22 Needle Bearings

$490.50 $465.00