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EES Spec Engine System CALL 863-860-2934

EES Spec Engine System CALL 863-860-2934

EES Spec Engine System

CALL 863-860-2934

Complete Engine Built to Your Rules or Specs

Honda Z5T Engine Small Port Head / Z5T Tier4 Piston
Cylinder- Super Slick Hone
Valve Job- Vacuum Tested
File Fit Top Ring- Extreme Cylinder Seal
EES Valve Springs- Keeps Spring Pressure Longer
EES Rod Bolts
Welded Cam Grind- Pushes Profile to the Edge
Shorted Crank PTO- Less Wear on Crank Bearings
Race Prep Piston- More Compression
Deck Cylinder Head- More Compression
Race Rod- Better Lubrication
Race Prep Block
Deck Block 0-Popout- More Compression
DeMag / Balance Flywheel- Lighter
EES Fan Cover
Light Fan Flange
EES Heat Shield

Test Run and Leak Down Tested
CALL 863-860-2934