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EES Full Modified Engine System4

EES Full Modified Engine System4

EES Full Modified System 4

Stroked Crank
Cylinder Head Decked
Cylinder Head Port-Polished
Three Angle Valve Job
SS Valves Big Intake
EES Aluminum Retainers
2 Peice Keeps
Lash Caps
Inner Valve Springs
Extreme Rocker Arms
Extreme Valve Springs
Extreme Guide Plate
Extreme Chromolly Push Rods
Block Decked
Super Slick Cylinder Hone
Welded Cam Profile/Grind Lite Clone Cam
Extreme Honda Rod
EES Rod Bolts
Extreme Lighten Honda Piston
EES File Fit Top Ring
EES Low Tension 2nd Ring
Extreme Lite Wrist Pin
Cut Crank PTO
EES Cut Crank Key
Light Fan Flange
EES Fan Cover Screen
EES Solid Case Dowels
EES Head Dowels
EES Heat Shield
Remove Flywheel Magnets / Balance/Lighten

Test Run and Leak Down Tested