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Billet Connecting Rod - 4.510"

Billet Connecting Rod - 4.510"

Billet Connecting Rod - 4.510"

Do you have a GX390/420/440/460 engine and want to beef it up, get alittle more performance, and stay on a budget? This is the rod for you!

The extended .100" length from the standard 4.41" rods gives you the following benefits:

1. Allows you to machine your stock piston down to a flat top which increases compression ratio (Instead of milling the cylinder head) and lightens the piston.
2. A lighter piston is more reliable & revs easier.
3. A flat top piston provides better flame propagation which equals a more efficient burn.
4. A longer rod reduces piston speed and increases reliability.
5. A billet rod is drastically stronger than the factory cast rod.
6. A babbit bearing nearly eliminates the chances of crankshaft journal gall from lack of lubrication.

ARP Rod Bolts
Rod Bearings included
Made in the USA from 7075 Aluminum